26 Responses to “అసలైన ఆనందం”

  1. bangaraiah t says:

    nice story encourage for lesy tudents.

  2. Nice Story.

    Keep it up.

  3. jabili chowdari says:

    such an informative and very much entertainment for kids. thanx for this and congratulations to all your team and wish you all the best.

  4. Madhurima says:

    కథ బాగుంది. కథని ఇంకొంచెం పొడిగిస్తే బాగుండేది అనిపించింది.

  5. Kavitha Reddy says:

    Nice n very Informative n leaves motivation to lazy children

  6. hari says:

    Nice & useful story for kids which encourages them to work hard to prosses some thing with joy and enthu…..

  7. harini says:

    chala bagundi.
    kastam uokka anandam andariki telusthundi.

  8. J.SHARIFF says:

    very nice to read telugu on screen. Thank you N congratulations to ur total team. plz gv moral of the story too, so that kinds will think N adopt.
    Thank you again.

  9. sudha devineni says:

    Thank u so much. My children wants to hear a new story every night, but I dont know so much stories. I read about your site at eenadu. Immediately I login to your site and read some stories. Thank you very much.

  10. very interesting & moral is useful.

  11. i like the story pl. publish it in english also because the one who cannot read telugu cannot understand the stoy

  12. ramu says:

    చాలా చాలా బావుందండి కథ.. నాకు అక్కడ పక్షులు కనబడలేదు సరి, అందరూ నా చుట్టున్న మనుషులే అన్న భావం కలిగించారు… ధన్యవాదములు…
    విజయోస్తు :-)

  13. ramu says:

    face everything to over come anything

  14. praveena says:

    more…..difficulties….near to success

  15. Prasanthi says:

    Very nice story. thanks a lot.

  16. Naren somisetty says:

    Very nice Story.

    Keep up the good work.


  17. Sirisha says:

    katha chala baaga vundi. My daughter daily wants me to tell her story and I was searching for websites. Thanks a lot for this website. I read about this in eenadu and now I am able to tell her daily one story. Please publish more stories like the above where moral is there so that we can teach many things to kids. Thanks once again for such a nice initiative.

  18. NVLP Ramana Rao says:

    Nice story with morals to children to realize the happyness in working hard. It will be good if the story still extended till the arrival of its (Kokila’s kid) parents. Keep it up.

  19. K.nandarao says:

    Good motivation and learning.

  20. nagendra kumar says:

    face everything to over come anything is good moral we have from this story. In this way please give many moral valued stories.

    thank you.

  21. sowjanya says:

    very nice story.

  22. srilakshmi says:

    Very nice story

  23. Sweety says:

    It is really very good story .keep it up.

  24. shravani says:


  25. shankar says:

    its a good story

  26. Purushotham says:

    Very nice story, encourage children to learn this type of stories which motivates them a lot:-)

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